Tailored Resume Development & Interview Strategies

Expert Interview Corp consists of Veterans, human resource, education, and technology professionals with more than 30 years of military, business, government, and corporate experience that will be used to your advantage. From resume development to learning effective interview strategies, you'll understand what to know and do before the next interview, what questions to ask, and what to do as you follow-up after the interview.

Our goal is to help job seekers gain insight on the job market to maximize the chances of landing a position. We see families working together to help each other become successful in their endeavor to find employment.

Military Hand Salute in front of the American Flag - Interview Strategies

Veterans' Employment Training

Military members that work with our expert team develop a better understanding of the hiring process and transitioning to civilian life. Through our veterans' employment training, you’ll learn how to market what you learned in the military, utilizing those skills to enhance your chances of getting a job, all while helping the transition into civilian life and employment.

Leading Techniques & Information

Furthermore, we use the most current information for people seeking jobs, while the others use outdated programs. Today, most companies want to know your qualifications plus leadership skills and ask more about your potential. Though these may be the trends now, we continuously adapt according to what the ever-changing job market requires in a candidate.

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